History and Use

For centuries cobra venom has been of great medicinal importance. Its powerful healing qualities and reputation as a natural pain remedy date back to Greek mythology. The Greek God of medicine, Asclepius carried a physician’s staff intertwined with a serpent. This symbol represents the logo of the American Medical Association at present. The application of cobra venom as a natural pain relief medicine and healing substance has been mentioned in various cultures throughout the world.

Cobra venom is used in the Indian Unani system of medicine for multiple purposes such as a natural pain relief, hepatic stimulant, to strengthen and invigorate, as well as an aphrodisiac. It is also used for the revival of the body under collapsed conditions. In the Hindu system of traditional medicine, cobra venom was found to be useful for the treatment of ascites. The venom has a large number of applications in the clinical practice as a natural pain releiver amongst other things, and it's being administered in numerous specialized medical centers in India and China.

cobra venom pain relief

In the United States, the concept of using cobra venom as a natural pain remedy and analgesic was adopted in 1936 when a researcher by the name of Macht from the pharmaceutical company Hynson, Wescott and Dunning initiated several preclinical and clinical investigations. In his investigations, Macht was able to prove that the analgesic (pain relieving) effects of cobra venom when injected in minute doses were far superior to the effects of morphine. In his trial, patients who were no longer responsive to the opiate morphine were given cobra venom as a natural pain remedy. The venom was 70% effective and gave a long lasting effect for the natural pain management of headaches and arthritis as well as other chronic conditions without the possibility of addiction. Homeopathic medicine which included cobra venom was included in the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDA) in 1938. Currently, cobra venom is being studied for the natural treatment of various forms of chronic pain and other disorders.